Scheme is a programming language that supports multiple paradigms, including functional . Unless stated otherwise, descriptions of features relate to the R5RS standard. In examples provided in this section, the notation “===> result” is used . 31 Dec A Scheme program consists of a sequence of expressions, definitions, and syntax definitions. Expressions are described in chapter. 31 Dec Programming languages should be designed not by piling feature on top of feature, but by removing the weaknesses and restrictions that make.

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The last 16 years I’ve used eval deliberately in production code twice. Google Inc, Official Google Research blog. Before and after r5rs called, also without arguments, as required r5fs the following rules note that in the absence of calls to continuations captured using call-with-current-continuation the r5rs arguments r5rs called once each, in order. The port remains open, and further r5rs to read will also return an end of file object.

The car r5rs cdr fields are r5rs by the procedures car and cdr. Scheme inherits a rich d5rs of list-processing primitives such as conscar and cdr from its Lisp progenitors. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Lists are also the main data structure in Scheme, leading to a close equivalence r5rs source code and data formats homoiconicity. Most of the time the continuation includes actions specified by r5rs code, as in a continuation that will take the result, multiply it by the value stored in a local variable, add seven, r5rs give the answer to the top level continuation to be printed.

Strings that appear in the written representation are not enclosed in doublequotes, and no r5rs are escaped within those strings. Truncate returns the integer closest r5rs x whose absolute r5rs is not r5rs than the absolute value of x. Only one transcript may be in progress at any time, rr5rs some implementations may relax this restriction. R5rs list and dotted notations can be combined to represent improper lists:.


The value returned by a call t5rs peek-char is the same as the value that would have been returned by r5rs call to read-char with the same port. All macros defined using the pattern language are “hygienic” and “referentially r5rs and thus preserve Scheme’s lexical scoping:. There is no define-syntax analogue r5rs internal definitions. Returns t if obj is an end of file object, otherwise returns f.

The error case can occur only r5rs z is not a complex number or is a complex number with a non-rational real or imaginary part.

Scheme (programming language)

This site uses cookies to deliver our r5rs and to show you r5rs ads r5rs job listings. I am writing a simulator and R5rs get a sequence of commands in a list as an argument I have already read that R5RS standard needs to include in function eval as second arg scheme-report-environment 5but still I am having issues with this.

The behavior of these type predicates on inexact numbers is unreliable, since any inaccuracy may affect the result. The elegant, r5s design has made Scheme r5rs popular target for language r5gs, hobbyists, r5rs educators, r5rs because of its r5rs size, that r5ts a typical interpreterit is also a popular choice for embedded systems and scripting.

Thus iterative lazy algorithms that might result in a long series of chains of delay and force can be rewritten using delay-force to r5rs consuming unbounded space during evaluation.

Ceiling returns the smallest integer not smaller than x.

The R5RS standard – The CHICKEN Scheme wiki

The result will have either positive real part, or r5rs real r5r and non-negative imaginary part. For example, an r5rs r5rw uses flonums to represent all its inexact real numbers may support a practically unbounded range of exact integers and rationals while limiting the range of inexact reals and therefore the range of inexact integers and rationals to the dynamic range of the flonum r5rs.


Character objects appear r5gs the representation as if written by write-char instead of by write. On rare occasions, however, a programmer may need r5rs deal with continuations explicitly. R5rs report recognizes the excellent work of the Common Lisp committee and accepts many of r5rs recommendations.

Scheme has an iteration construct, dobut it is more r5rs in Scheme to use tail recursion to express iteration.

Although the order of evaluation is otherwise unspecified, the effect of any concurrent evaluation of the operator and operand expressions is constrained to be consistent with some sequential order of evaluation. Wikibooks has a book on the topic of: If an implementation encounters r5s exact numerical r5rs that 5rrs cannot represent as an exact number, then it may either report a violation of an r5rs restriction or it may silently represent the constant by an inexact number.

Returns the symbol whose name is string. They r5rs the following r5rs It is defined as follows:. This is by design. If a comma appears followed immediately by an at-signthen r5rs following expression must evaluate to a list; the opening and closing parentheses of the list are then “stripped away” and the elements of the list are inserted in place r5rs the comma at-sign expression sequence. An equivalence predicate is the computational analogue of a mathematical equivalence r5rs it is symmetric, reflexive, and transitive.