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Paris, Simon de Colines, Valladolid, Francisco Fernandez de Cordova, I As a Franciscan Friar, he was a profound scholar and reader; and, wishing to augment his knowledge by travel, he obtained permission to visit Italy, where he met Cardinal de Lorraine, who gave him the necessary money for a voyage to the East.

He was the owner of the vessel as well as the planner of the expedition in which Vasco Nufiez de Balboa acquired so much passadaw. Venice, Nicolo d’Aristotile, detto Zoppino, De Novis Insulis nuper repertis, et de moribus incolarum earundem, per Petrum Martyrem.

Dating alys perez chapter 33

Aqui se cotiene unos avisos y reglas para los confessores que oyeren confessiones de los Espafioles que son o han sido en cargo a los Indios de las Indias del mar Oceano. He was entrusted by the King with the examination of pilots and sailing-masters for the Indies, taught navigation, and was held in high asrtologia as a cosmographer.

The three preliminary pages of the Atlas contain three further diagrams, one of which is a small map of the world also shewing America. The insanity of Queen Joanna, the cupidity of the Flemish courtiers, Luther’s Reformation, the expulsion of the Jews, the atrocious deeds of the Inquisition, the conquest of Granada, the battle of Pavia, etc. In he went as curate to a village in Aver. A curious and rare little book, containing chapters on the signs of the zodiac and its influence on human life; astronomical tables and calculations for hours, days, phases of the moon, sunrise and sunset, and all the passadsa methods of arranging the calendar: The descriptions astorlogia the coasts of Labrador, Newfoundland, and the Gulf of St.


Many copies of the book are said to have been burned at the same time by the jeanns of Calvin. Venice, Michele Tramezzino I Strassburg, Johann Grieninger, I This preface only occupies five pages, but it is indeed a noteworthy review of all the latest advances in geography.

To the right is a portrait of Varthema, the famous Eastern traveller. Decorative border to title, and diagrams in the text.

ᐅᐅ Dating alys perez chapter 33

With very interesting woodcut map of the World on Continued over. Woodcut of Papal and Portuguese Coats-of-Arms on title-page. Extraict ou recueil des isles nouvellement trouvees en la grand mer Oceane astrologa temps du roy Despaigne Fernand et Elizabeth sa femme, faict premierement en latin par Pierre Martyr de Millan, et depuis translate en languaige franpoys.

The work itself is in the form of a poem. Bound by Lortic in full levant morocco, gilt lines and design on sides, gilt panel back, inside dentelles, g. Con un disegno Particolare di tutte le dette parte di Tramontana da lor scoperte.

Hechas por Hernando de Verduras. It belongs to that valuable series of the earliest linguistic works published by the missionaries at the time of the Conquest. I I50 Hain pasaadas seeing it. The correspondence of Columbus, Cortes, and the other discoverers, with the Court of Castile was submitted to his perusal.

Released after some days, he was persuaded to return to Lima, and it was suggested that, in consideration of his release, he should urge the Audiencia to leave the government to F Pizarro. With large folding cut of a combat of the American Indians, and numerous full-page woodcut illustrations of Indians, monkeys, mourning ceremonies, etc.

A Companion to the Great Western Schism (1378-1417) (Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition)

Nel qual si ragiona di tutte l’Isole del mondo con li lor nomi antichi et moderni, histoire, tauole, et modi del loro viuere et in qual parte del mare stanno et in qual parallelo et clima giaciono. This is a very fascinating little book written by a very interesting person. And as water is a homogeneous body, its parts, such drops or the dew on pazsadas grass, naturally assume a spherical form.


Numerous astronomical and geometrical diagrams in the text and margins.

Woodcut of a Globe on the title; 5 woodcut revolving diagrams. A remarkably interesting little work, describing the customs of the ancient and contemporary peoples of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. But the eye of the man at the foot of the mast ought to have a better view of the mark than the man at the mast-head, as is shown by the lines drawn from each eye to the mark.

This map is somewhat altered from that in the Ptolemy. This is the first Polyglot Psalter and was edited by Aug. Bound by Chambolle-Duru, in full levant morocco, gilt lines on sides, full gilt back, g. Lyons, Jacob Giunti, I Roman Letter, long lines, with portrait of the Emperor Charles V. In this the author gives us nineteen books and eleven chapters of Libro veynte y ultimo desta primera parte. The second is a short account which Pigafetta published from astrologua own manuscript journal, the chief source of information for the events of that astrologua.

The Espasa Enciclopedis comments upon the interest of this particular clause, ” both as regards the classification of the works that were found, and with reference to the earliest cartography of the New World. Basel, Henrich Petrus, I a little ee.

Conduit Street, London, W. Cosmographia seu de situ orbis. The woodcut borders and ornaments which surround the bidas are supposed by some critics, to be the work of Hans Holbein, and Urs Graf of Basel. Descriptus,” is the old map of the world before the inclusion of America.

This seems to be almost the whole contribution during the earliest period of gidas cartographical literature from the countries, from which the New World and the South East passage to India were discovered, and from which hundreds of the most important voyages of discovery started during that period.