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Do not exceed the maximum fill level of 1. Use warm water to clean any coffee residues from both parts. The water flows out into the drip tray. Bedienungsanleitumg a higher temperature is needed to produce steam than to make coffee, the coffee machine has an additional steam mode. Do not use frozen beans.

Set the Selection dial for steam and hot water Fig. Verletzungsgefahr durch drehendes Mahlwerk. Never put the coffee machine or separate parts of the coffee machine in the dishwasher. Sie werden jedesmal aef erinnert, indem die Anzeige nach dem Abschalten noch bsdienungsanleitung. The more precies your question is, the higher the chances of quickly receiving an answer from another user. Activate the steam nozzle only when you are holding a container under the nozzle.

No pink bands or one pink band: Do not, under any circumstances, use vinegar, citric acid, amidosulphuric acid or descalants containing ami- dosulphuric acid, as these can damage the coffee machine. The descaling process runs over two phases, lasting a total of 45 minutes, and must not be inter- rupted.

This can lead to severe injuries. We hope, that this document of bedienuhgsanleitung for use will help you.

Make sure that no ground coffee has remained in the filler, and that no foreign bodies enter the filler. Keep the manual in a safe place for later reference, and pass it on to any new owner. Beachten Sie die max. Failure to do this invalidates the guar- antee. Push the coffee-making unit onto the guide bar and then unit into the coffee machine as far as it will go Fig.

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Danger of scalding from hot milk spray! Push the latching lever up. To steam off the system, remove water tank and then select the steam function. Espresso cup Coffee cup Coffee mug The coffee machine is factory-set to standard measures.

Search: Bedienungsanleitung fC3BCr die AEG CaFamosa CF – view online |

This provision also applies if the cleaning and des- caling programs are not run in accor- dance with the instructions in this manual, immediately after illumina- tion of the “Clean” key Fig. Before using the machine for the first time or when using a different water grade, you should set your coffee machine to the water hardness level corresponding to the local water hardness.

The time the water is in contact with the ground coffee is considerably less for espresso coffee than conventional filter coffee. Completely remove any encrusted coffee remains from the coffee-making unit and reduce the amount of ground coffee spooned in. Switch the steam off, before removing the jug with the frothed milk. Previous page Next page. Unplug qeg the mains socket. If you live in Germany, please call our Order Hotline Tel.

AEG CaFamosa CF 85

The following flashing sequence corresponds to 1, cups. Clean the coffee-making unit and adjust the grinding texture. Hardness 2, medium hard up to 2. This can be done only for use with coffee beans, not for use with ground coffee. No pink bands or one pink band: Danger of scalding when the steam nozzle is activated! The coffee is now made.

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AEG CaFamosa CF 220

Ensure good air circulation. Use only roast coffee beans! Do not use frozen beans. As the manufacturer, we nevertheless wish to familiarise you with the following safety information.

The coffee machine is factory-set to hardness level 3. The coffee machine is now ready to use. When the heating process is finished, this indica- tor changes from flashing to con- stantly on. The cup measures are indicated as follows: Push the drip tray in, until it engages on the right under the water tank Fig.

Press the tank firmly in, to ensure that the water-tank valve opens. All the coffee quantity indi- cator lights come on Fig. Following bedienungsanlleitung short pause, the actual brewing process commences. The cof- fee machine is factory-set to hardness level 3.

Hot water is now prepared.

When using ready ground coffee, the “Coffee Quantity” function is inactive. Ensure good air circulation. Hardness 4, very hard over 3.